Sunday, March 22, 2015

Defining Happiness

Happiness is an emotion, a state of when one is filled with positive, pleasant feelings. A sense of contentment and joy prevails over one's being. Happiness is unique to every person. It has a different meaning for an individual. It is very subjective, has a personalized touch to it. 

There have been many such moments where I have experienced this "happy" feeling. To me Happiness is ...

When I reach home after a 14 hour long bus journey and Ma welcomes me with open arms.
When I eat the orange ice candy on a rainy day.
When I listen to Fix You by Coldplay.
When I meet my mokka poda oru group friends from Chennai.
When Dada gives me some of his alu posto when I have greedily eaten off my portion.
When Ma applies oil to my hair and I get a head massage.
When I get books as a gift.
When I cook food for my family and they ask for second helpings!
When I see my parents after 3 months in Skype.
When my cousins come over and we have an adda over endless cups of chai and pakoda.
When the project manager takes leave for the whole week.
When I watch a Korean drama starring Lee Min Ho.
When I read an old letter from my husband.
When snuggle into my blanket with Wuthering Heights and a box of popcorn.
When the musty smell of the wet earth fills my lungs.
When India wins a match in the cricket world cup.
When I meet anyone from Jamshedpur. 
When I spot the yellow board written Chennai Central as the train slowly pulls into the platform.
When we have Tamil Nadu meals at Saravana Bhavan.
When I celebrated Holi with my roommates in Marina Beach, Chennai.
When I received a dreamcatcher woven by three of my closes friends as a farewell gift.
When my fiance surprised me at work on my birthday.
When I find money in pockets of my old clothes, folds of notebooks, and my secret hideaway.
When we have ilish machh with hot rice for lunch.
When we go for long drives along NH 44 heading towards Chennai.
When I go for karaoke with friends on Friday evening.
When friends wait patiently, delaying the party plans and I am held at work.
When I eat piping hot gulab jamuns.
When I meet friends from school and we share our memories of teachers, classroom, and days of the past.
When I write putting down my thoughts in words. 
When listening to Vividh Bharati and my favorite song is playing. 
When I watch the old episodes of Byomkesh Bakshi.

It is not en easy task to define happiness. Life consists of so many moments. Each day we build a new memory, something which touches our heart, something we would like to treasure and remember fondly when we get older.

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