Monday, February 04, 2013

Tribute to Parsai

As a high school student, I was introduced to the world of Hindi literature. Premchand, Mahadevi Varma, Mahasweta Devi and, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar are few authors whose works in their respective lines of prose and poetry have left a deep impression on me. They have written on varied themes ranging from patriotism to social evils. They talked about the complexity of human relationship which exists at all levels.

However, a poem on the human nature of laziness, read way back in Std 8 introduced me to the lighter side of Hindi literature. The lines "Aaram haram hai, Isse na tapedik hoti hai; Aaram sudha ki ek boond, Tan ka dublapan khoti hai.". Penned by noted satirist Harishankar Parsai, this poem had subtly discussed the need for lack of exertion and importance of slacking. His simple writing style affected my high school self, in fact now as a 24 year old when I found myself questioning my hunger cravings, I decided to make an attempt to try something similar. The result is the lines written below, my personal tribute to the genius of Parsai :)

ये पापी पेट 
इसके लिए क्या-क्या पापड़ बेले 
पहले कॉलेज और पढाई 
और अब, प्रोजेक्ट और PM के झमेले 

ये पापी पेट 
जिसमे भूख की है इतनी आग 
न है है ये भैरवी, न भूपाली 
इसका तो है अपना अलग ही राग 

ये पापी पेट 
कामिनी है बहुत निराली 
दिन में तीन बार एकदम सही 
Time पे निकलेगी इसकी गाढ़ी 

अंत में बस येही सोचती हूँ 
क्या बदल जाती इस ज़िन्दगी की सूरत 
अगर न होती, हमे इस पापी पेट की ज़रूरत