Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Bucket List

There are times when you are sure of what you want and then are times when you just draw a blank. When I was presented with this topic, I experienced the latter state of mind. But then this comes in a good time. Treating this as a chance to do a little introspection and understand my soul’s aspirations before it departs for a trip to next world. So here it goes, the ten things I must do before I die:
  1. Have my own library
  2. Travel to Rishikesh
  3. Trek to Chandra Taal lake, Spiti valley
  4. Visit Landour and meet Ruskin Bond
  5. Learn a foreign language
  6. Participate in a golgappa eating contest
  7. Learn swimming
  8. Read my old NCERT history books
  9. Participate in a half-marathon
  10. Write a blog post every month

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