Thursday, July 09, 2015

Cricket in my Country

In my country, cricket is treated with a lot of reverence, the players enjoy a demi-gods and trips to Eden Garden and Wankhede Stadium are considered as a pilgrimage. I am a child of the 90s, a time when pictures of cricketers, Gandhi, and Gods graced the walls at any home. The world cup used to be most eagerly awaited event, any match with our not-so-friendly neighborhood country would be the talk of the whole country, drawing crowd across all ages. Streets would sport a deserted look, some shops would just drop shutter and people could be seen gathered around a television or radio following a ball by ball coverage of a rivalry that has become legendary over the times. 

In my purview, the worst hit were the students and the office goers who had no means of following the match, until they lunch break when news would somehow trickle in from outside sources. Technology was limited to wireless phones, VCRs, and pagers. 

We have moved to a new century since then, and except for one factor the scene has not changed much. Cricketers continue to represent the country, they are celebrities with big brand endorsements and VIP status. Such is the power of the game, that the fate any man donning the blue colored jersey changes overnight. It is a dream of countless children who idolize their cricketers and play the game for the sheer love of it. 

Few years back, the board governing cricket affairs in my country came up with an innovative plan, it would go on to prove a game changer in the coming years. Matches with an innings of 20 overs, teams representing different regions of the country, thus taking the game to next level altogether. As a cricket loving nation, we lapped it up and have been enjoying it every year since its launch.  

Technology has evolved in means beyond our imagination. From mailing to calling people sitting thousands of miles away, to reading books, newspapers, and watching videos - all of this from a device that measures not more than your palm and can be carried around in your pocket. What makes this technology incredible is that it is affordable and widely available to the masses. 

UC Browser takes you a step closer to enjoying the game by introducing their service UC Cricket. For any cricket follower, it will be a one-stop shop for information on all ongoing matches. UC Cricket is truly an innovation in the area of gaming application. Along with providing live updates, you can also set a reminder, participate and follow discussions. The match is not just a click away! 

Do check out this interesting video by UC Browser to learn more about them.

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