Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Quote on Soul Mate

This quote by Elizabeth Gilbert explores the concept of soul mate as told to her by a friend. It completely shatters the usual belief that is related to soul mates and marriage. 

This post is a part of IndiSpire, initiative for Indian Bloggers by IndiBlogger. IndiSpire topic of the week: Soul mate is not necessarily your life mate. What do you feel? Express your take...#Soulmate.


  1. A soul mate indeed breaks the walls, shake you and helps you discover yourself more. But that isn't the only role or is it? It's not about perfect but 'em being important, cherishing, any doesn't have to have a definition, may be? My thoughts... would have liked to read your thoughts on this too.. thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Wow! That's a heck of a good quote on soulmate. So true... Thanks for sharing Mukulika :)

  3. When I had earlier read this piece, while reading the book I agreed to this view in bits and pieces. Somewhere I did not agree that it is always painful in a generic manner if you have to stay with the "above said" definition of a soul-mate. I believe soul-mates may or may not come into our lives. If they do come, similarly they may or may not leave. That's just, my opinion on this. :)
    Glad you shared this quote. My favourite quote from the book is "Ruin is the road to transformation" .