Thursday, August 15, 2013

Soul searching through the lens

Its wonderful how thought provoking a movie can be. This Independence Day, I watched an old Hindi flickThe plot goes very simple; boy dreams of making big in the world, challenged by the old players and their rules, he defies all and makes it big on his own terms, but not before being ridiculed for his spirit to be remain true to himself.

Took a step back to the real life, and I found that things are not so different at all. When we start anything new, we are faced with doubts and questions from the rest, who exhibit a complete lack of confidence in our efforts, chances of succeeding in the chosen path.

To not give in these doubts, and answer the questions without compromising the values that one believes in, is the real test. Its tough. But then when was it ever easy. 

I realized that the ability to face the situation will aid in achieving the task. To seek, to strive, not to yield; this is what defines us. Hang on there for a moment, and face the situation, answer the questions, and you will be a wiser, strong man. 

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