Monday, March 04, 2013

Photographic Memories

Since childhood, I have always been drawn towards the glossy sheets of National Geographic magazine. Reading the articles, the child in me could make an instant connection with a culture or a place which was foreign. It was magical! All through the reading, it felt like a journey made from one continent to the other. What made the articles even more interesting were the pictures.

Now that I have grown up, I am still taken by the scenes of daily life. It can be as trivial as a busy traffic signal, a man selling ice lollies or even the empty Chennai roads on a sunny afternoon. These moments remain with me, in my memory forever.

Earlier this year, I was lucky to be part of this trip to Haridwar made with my family and paternal relatives. I have very fond memories of  this place in Uttarakhand, along with Rishikesh. You wake up to quiet, calm, chilly morning feeling fresh, rejuvenated. Watching the river Ganga flowing by, is another beautiful sight. I was fortunate enough to capture some of these memorable moments.

The avian visitor
Temples, Lamp Posts and Houses

Local Colors

Chai garam

The Chaiwala

The Milkman's bike

People and Police

People, Temple and Beliefs
Zindagi ek safar hai suhana!

Holy Cow

The Ganga beckons..


  1. Nice photos :) Are there more? on FB or anywhere else?

    One request - Can you plssss switch off word verification? People usually find it very irritating and this may affect comments on your blog post. I hate it ;P To avoid spam, you may activate email approval before publishing of every comment.

    1. Thank you! Yes there are many more, taken by my Mejo Kaku and other cousins.I shall share them soon :D

      Made a note of your request :)I shall implement it asap!